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Anti-radiation phone cover
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Anti-radiation phone cover

Harmful of radiation :
We walk and talk, text and send. For billions of people, cell phones have become a habit.
When you are enjoying the convenience brought by modern technology every day, have ever thought about that your health has suffered about the invisible killer of this electromagnetic radiation unknowingly?Radiation of M.P. is mainly more harmfully on the head, it can cause the function obstacles of central nervous system which can cause many symptoms, such as headaches dizziness,insomnia and dreaminesshair loss and etc.
For years, the cell phone and wireless industry has pointed to the Federal Communications Commission and numerous studies conducted by cancer research groups. These agencies found that cell phone radiation can cause cancer--more specifically a brain tumor.  Etc.

Anti-radiation cmos chip :

Inlay the anti-radiation cmos chip near antenna of phone .
1) Absorb and transfer electro magnetic radiation waves designed with special materials which is from Japan technology and reduce mobile phones radiation injury on the human brains.
2) Prevention from harmful Electro-magnetic waves and radiation
3) Reduce stress. Balance out the two hemispheres of the brain and this result in an antidepressant effect
4) Better concentration. Extremely helpful for people doing long hours of brain work

This is an alternative method to improve the earlier mentioned physical symptoms, all without the need for medication, injection, and without any side effect, you as a smart consumer should be proactive in taking steps to improve your health. Take this opportunity to help yourself!


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