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Under our strict quality control system from IQC to QA and the adoption of high-quality materials, we take care of every pieces of your order in each stage.

**Experienced R&D** Eigday Power R&D team included leading specialists who have been full experience at electronic or mechanical field. They are capability of cooperating new design concept, trust us, Eigday Power R&D will be your technical back-up.

**OEM&ODM Standard Plant** It's Eigday Power's top mission to be a prototype plant in China. We expect to be the best portable energy vendor in China.

**Sophisticated test Equipment** Eigday Power installed a wide range of advanced facilities to keep pace with customer's specialized needs.

**Precise manufacturing Process** Certified to ISO9001/2000, all products go through from stringent progress. Eigday Power's constant insistence is perfect quality which must be form strict process.


OEM/ODM Project---Li-ion Battery

High voltage of 3.6V lets you cut down on the number of batteries you use.
High energy density minimizes battery size and weight, making it perfect for use in small portable equipment.
No metallic lithium is used so charging and discharging are very safe.
No memory accumulation so it provides a full charge every time.
The outer casing in square type batteries is an aluminum alloy,

so overall battery weight is lower.
CE & ROHS approved


Video cameras, digital still cameras
Cellular phones, PHS phones
Laptop computers
MD Players
Various portable equipment

OEM/ODM Project---Li- polymer Battery
High Performance & Reliability with a Newly Developed Complete Gel-type Electrolyte.
Excellent Discharge Characteristics Allow for Performance at -20?C.
Ultra-thin, Ultra-light, Ultra-tough.
CE & ROHS approved.

Cellular Phones,PHS,PDA
Notebook Computers
Digital Cameras,Portable CD players
Mini Disc? Players

OEM/ODM Project---Ni-MH Battery

High volumetric energy density well exceeding that of Lithium-ion batteries.
Double capacity of standard CADNICA batteries.
Can be used over and over (more than 500 times with a specific charger).
1.2-1.6 hour quick charge with a specific charger.
Compatible with Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
Produced under a ISO9001
certified quality control systems.

Notebook computers
Cellular phones, PHS phones,
Telecommunications equipment
Video cameras, digital still cameras, PDA
Shavers, electric toothbrushes
Various portable equipment

OEM/ODM Project---Ni-Cd Battery

It's rechargeable, so you can use it over and over more than 500 times.
Discharge voltage remains stable even in conditions of high-rate
discharge current, it's far more stable than other battery types.
Wide operating temperature range ( -20 C to 60 C ) It operates
especially well in low temperatures.
Performance doesn't deteriorate even after long-term storage,
Full recovery of original performance
levels after recharging.
Produced using an ISO9000
certified quality control system.


Cellular phones
Telecommunications equipment
Portable audio-visual equipment
Emergency lights
Electric tools
Battery-powered vehicles

Heating clothes



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