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Li-Polymer Battery For Heating Elements With Controller, LED, 5200mah
Products name: Li-Polymer Battery For Heating Elements With Controller, LED, 5200mah
Model: BC5200
Specification: 7.4V,5200MAH

1.LED show, 5200MAH battery pack with controller for heating elements.

2. Wisdom lithium batteries five turned control: Constant power output, automatic thermostatic.

1)switch on the machine after the red button; LED shows: Battery power output again by the button; LED 100%;

2)shows orange; Battery power output 75%;

3) the button again; LED show green; Battery power output 50%;

4) again button:; , LED show green lights; Battery power output: 32%;

5) again button; LED closure: Export closed;

3. Smart lithium battery charging: Interface with dedicated 8.6V/1.2A lithium battery charging; Constant voltage output interface requirements; 8.4V; Export currents Hengliu; 1.2A; Hengliu, Hengya charging; Lithium batteries with electricity, and lithium battery charging interfaces red LED shows; Lithium batteries with electricity, interface and lithium battery charging LED shows green.
4. Discharge time and electrothermal films surface temperature: Load: Macromolecular carbon fibre infrared electrothermal films (resistance; 10 10); Lithium battery discharge time and electrothermal films surface temperature below;

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